Welcome to Kalpataru Power Transmission - USA, Inc.

Given The tremendous thrust in energy market in North & Latin America, a new company - Kalpataru Power Transmission-USA Inc (KPT-USA Inc.), in Houston, Texas was incorporated in November 2009. KPT-USA Inc. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd (KPTL India) which is leading Transmission line designer, supplier & design built / EPC player with footprints in 38 countries across the globe.

Role is to :

  • To Identify business opportunities in USA, Canada and Latin America

  • To explore opportunities in design, testing and supplies of steel, Transmission Towers, Poles, Telecom Towers and poles, Substation structures and other associated items in transmission and substation like, conductors, insulators, hardware et. In USA, Canada & Latin American countries

  • To identify / tie-up with fabricators available in USA / Canada and neighboring countries for support

  • To explore EPC / design built projects & tie up with constructors, engineering consultants and other supporting agencies for project execution.

Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd is Flagship Company in India with annual revenue of over USD 1 Bn and have footprints in 37 countries including America, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. More details of the company are available on www.kalpatarupower.com

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